Silveress's BnS API v2

Hi all!

So a while back I made available a rudimentary API available in CSV and JSON
At the time I knew it wasnt fantastic and continued working on it until I had something far better.

Today I release V2! (V1 will remain online for all who are using it)

For feasability I have split it into different sections.
Each endpoint has Access-Control-Allow-Origin enabled.

Basic Item data:

At the moment this gives the items ID and Name, I have plans int the works to give more information here such as if its a weapon, used in crafting or is crafted and if so what recipe.

Semi-realtime data

This is a list of every item identified by ID.
The entire list is updated hourly with some (the most popular/important) items being updated every 5 min.

Historic data

Historic data for the item in question.
This took the longest to get semi right, even it its current state it may have some residual errors (unlikely).
One current limitation is I can only pull the first page of listings, the 7 first listings.

Each array in the array will contain:

When totalLisings is 7 or less then “avgPrice”, “maxPrice” and “totalItems” are completely accurate for that item. If totalLisings is greater than 7 they only reflect the first page.

Additionally the first sub array contains the ID value for verification purposes.

Old v2 endpoints still work but added the v2 links for consistancy


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